God has Authority over the Box

God is good to us.  I was reminded last night about His authority over all the things.  I was reminded of the story of Jesus calming the storm while in the boat with His disciples.  We live in a box while on earth.  The punishment for sin is death.  Our bodies are fragile and held captive to aging, disease, and decay.  Nature, similarily has weather patterns and cannot change itself, so we have earthquakes and changing of seasons, periods of drought, heavy rains, intense heat/coldness.  

I cannot change that which this world bounds me to just like nature cannot control itself.  The stories of Jesus calming the storm and raising Himself from the dead, however, shows us that He can!  He is the creator of life, nature, and the universe.  He is not held by the laws we have come to accept.  He has authority over all that.  God can make life out of the ashes.  He brings calm to the storm. 

The question is whether or not I am living with the power of that truth.  Do I believe that Jesus has authority over all things?  Does He have authority over my body, over nature, over the “laws” of man?  If so, if I truly believed this about my God, how does that change how I engage life.  When faced with illness or disease, do I ask the author of life who has authority or do I first seek men’s solutions?  When the weather man tells us no rain or heavy rain, do accept his authority, or do I go to the creator of weather and ask for his intervention to change it?  God is greater.  God has authority.

I am so thankful for His authority in my life!  I am so thankful for His authority over my life!


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